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I'm a creator.


I feel as if I were put on this planet for the sole purpose of creating and being creative. I enjoy all aspects about the creative process from conception all the way to the final product. Even that stressful point in between, where I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish on time, gives me a bit of a high. I take pleasure in being able to play god on paper and create make-believe worlds where anything and everything can happen without any consequence. It’s such a fulfilling and worthwhile sensation reading an original story or concept that came from deep within my subconscious.


My passion is to create. Whether I construct a lesson plan, write a new story, or craft the look of somebody else's, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that it came from my vision and my imagination. I believe creativity is the highest form of art, and having a career in which I enlighten the lives of others is all that I would ever feel right doing. I believe that I have the imagination and creativity appropriate for any endeavor and the drive to see a project through to the very end.

To be more specific, I'm a voice over artist who also specializes in audio and video post-production. To see samples of my work, navigate back to the home page. My list of work is constantly being updated.


Thank you for your message!

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