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West News was a weekly news program highlighting events and informing students of upcoming school happenings. All episodes were written and produced by me, with assistance from Leah Armstrong, Andy Moore, Ted Allanson, and Kenny Collier.

Scroll down to see highlights from the series.

A short video welcoming students back to school in the style of a parody of the Marvel's The Avengers theatrical trailer

West News Ep. 101 - the very first episode (September 22, 2014)

West News Ep. 110 - The Halloween Episode (2014)

West News Ep. 115 - The Christmas Special (2014)

West News Ep. 119 - Super Bowl Edition (2015)

West News Ep. 124 - Live-ish from Ancient Egypt (2015)

West News Ep. 133 - The Season Finale (2015)

West News Ep. 211 - The Halloween Episode (2015)

West News Ep. 217 - The Christmas Special ft. PeeWee the Elf (2015)

West News Ep. 222 - Super Bowl Edition (2016)

West News Ep. 234 - The Series Finale (2016)

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